Crosby Multimedia Photography

By | January 19, 2018

First, we meet at your office to discuss what it is that you do and how you’d like to show it off. Then a short tour of your facilities and I’ll find the best available spot to set up a photo studio. Don’t worry; I’ve set up in warehouses, conference rooms, garages, and even spare bedrooms.

One of the advantages of working this way is that you’re not stuck with taking valuable time off lugging all of your products to and from a studio — nor making trips back when we discover something doesn’t work, or you forgot a part. Plus, you know that since I’m working in your facility, 100% of my focus is on you and getting your project done promptly — no bogus fee padding. Your project isn’t being juggled with other work, phone calls, nor other off-site interruptions.

While I set up, you can get some work done. Once I’m set up, you can watch me work, assist, make suggestions, and give approvals. Or just keep doing what you do best, running your business.

Since I’m in your facility you can give approvals as I work so I don’t have to waste your time and money taking a wide variety of pictures from varying angles, hoping to get something you like.

Working this way has allowed me to be very productive and accomplish more in 2-3 days than others may take 10-15+ days to do. Paying for only 2-3 days versus paying for 10-15+ days is a SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS OF BOTH TIME AND MONEY TO YOU!