Finding a Physio in Campbelltown: The First Step to Relieve Your Pain

Most people feel pain somewhere in their body at some point. Often, we attribute it to the aging process, accepting it as a sign of aging. As it limits our ability to work and diminishes our quality of life, we need to have a more proactive approach to getting rid of our pains. Find Physio Campbelltown and get help to solve pain problems quickly.


Your local physiotherapist is trained to accurately diagnose your illness and find the right treatment for you.


Sometimes, it begins as minimal, intermittent pain, for example, shoulder pain, which is the third most common musculoskeletal disorder according to the World Health Organization. It affects more than 30% of the general population and about 70% of athletes.


What Will Your Physio Do?


Your local physiotherapist in Campbelltown will evaluate your pain first and give you a complete assessment. A comprehensive program for your full recovery will then be prescribed, starting with a general observation of your whole body from different angles.


All Injuries Are Not Identical


Everyone has a different posture or position; we all hold and use our body in our way. For this reason, all shoulder pain and most other body pains are different for each individual.


Shoulder pain can be caused by a different set of circumstances in different people. The treatment must, therefore, be individualised on a case-by-case basis using an adapted management approach.


Your physiotherapist will explain in detail what the problem is and how to treat the disease.


Physiotherapists can:


  • Help you understand why you hurt and what are the main factors that cause it
  • They will help you change your posture and activities to reduce pain and recover
  • Guide you with the most appropriate exercises
  • Release soft tissue by manipulation, give other manual therapies and guide you with strengthening exercises.
  • They will help you throughout the first stages of treatment and rehabilitation to build stable and stronger joints to speed up your recovery.
  • Once the initial stages of recovery have been completed, a more advanced strength training exercise routine will follow. This is all aimed at helping your whole body reach its optimal levels.



What Does Your Physio Expect from You?


  • You are expected to do the required exercises at home. Some will also be done at the Physio-accredited gym, where they can monitor your progress and make sure you do it properly.


  • Your therapy program is specifically designed for you. It is therefore essential to respect your appointments and attend sessions. You will also be advised to follow a healthy diet and get enough sleep for your recovery.


  • You will also be expected to observe the necessary posture guidelines. Try to follow all the instructions and suggestions as they are solely for your benefit and will contribute to your quick recovery.


Find Physio Campbelltown, who is a qualified professional that knows how to treat your pain problem and find a solution tailored to your specific needs. They will study the movements of your body and develop a routine that will correct the problem and prevent a recurrence.