Choosing a Weighted Blanket for Better Sleep

The idea that there is some magic cure floating around out there in choosing a weighted blanket may be true. But do not let this put you off! There are benefits to be had from having a sleep product such as this in your home. This article is here to explain how these sleep aids work, and if they could help you get a better night’s sleep.

How do we know that a blanket can help with a problem such as sleep apnea? Because it is generally a fabric (such as wool or cotton) that supports the head and provides a filler for soft tissues to bind against. It may have air pockets and small holes at strategic points, which would allow some air to circulate without restricting the flow of air in a closed space. It may also have filler for sensory processes such as balance and coordination. A sensory filler allows you to feel the weight of your body or head or the fullness of your arms or legs. blankets have developed into decorative pieces, as well as sleeping aids for those who may struggle with getting a good night’s sleep due to allergies, noise, stress or simply not feeling well. The main reason is that these blankets are often decorated with springs, metal, brass, or other types of material that offer some degree of support and comfort. Weighted blankets use these same supplies to their advantage, as they use the weights to add to the support and comfort.

choosing-a-weighted-blanketSo what is a blanket made of? Depending on your need, the type of blanket you need, and your budget, there are several different types of fillers you can choose from. For instance, if you are looking to add an extra bit of warmth and comfort to your bed while keeping the cost down, consider a heavy-duty down blanket filled with goose down (or other high-quality wool). This will be heavier than most blankets, but it will provide just the right amount of support. The down and fabric used in the blanket will also help keep it from getting too cold, especially when you go to bed.

For people who suffer from sleep disorders, blankets may help them overcome some of their issues. People who are experiencing a disorder such as bedwetting will find that using a blanket can help them stop wetting the bed, and it can also help keep them warm during those times when they are having a bad night’s sleep. Of course, some are suffering from anxiety, and these blankets will also help with that specific disorder. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common sleep disorders globally, so if you suffer from this particular disorder, you will definitely want to look into these blankets.

Choosing a weighted blanket that works well for you depends a great deal on your needs. If you need something that provides warmth and comfort, you should look into one of the woollen varieties. If you don’t have a problem with bulky fabric, you should consider a heavy-duty down blanket. If you are looking to add an extra comfort level to your bed, you should consider choosing a soft lamb’s wool blanket.