Critical Facts About Medical Negligence

Good health is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your families. As many people say, love of oneself is the first step towards giving love to others. One of the ways you can love yourself is by taking care of your body.


On the contrary, no matter how much you take care of your physical and mental wellbeing, you may encounter medical issues such as negligence on the side of your physician or misdiagnosis which could lead to further health problems. You can protect and defend yourself accordingly against these issues if you know what medical negligence covers.





You have the right to Medical Negligence Claims if your doctor misdiagnoses your condition and the treatment or medication you received further worsened your situation or brought about a new health problem.


Surgical Error


If you were required to undergo surgery, and instead of getting well, your condition got worse, there may have been surgical errors. You can get a second opinion from another doctor if you no longer trust the first physician who supposedly treated you, but it turned out wrong.


A reliable lawyer can help with Medical Negligence Claims, especially if you present evidence that the surgery went wrong. Seeking advice from an attorney if the surgeon refuses to cooperate or does not want to take responsibility for your current medical state is the wisest decision you can make.


Wrong Medication


If you discover that your doctor gave you medicine or treatment that you should not have received in the first place, you can approach a lawyer to help you resolve the issue. Giving incorrect medication to a patient is a serious breach of medical law and could put a patient in grave danger.


Lack of Proper Monitoring


If your doctor is rarely around to check up on you on scheduled rounds and it results in your condition worsening, you can consult with a solicitor. You deserve proper attention and care, especially if you’re healing from surgery.


In the case wherein you feel like your physician neglected you post-surgery or you did not receive appropriate care before surgery, you can file medical claims against the physician.


Delayed Referral


This incident is not common, but it does happen. If you were supposed to be referred to a specialist but you were not, and it resulted in the worsening of your disease or health problem, you can ask your lawyer to help you establish a proper case.


Do remember that medical claims need to go through due process of law. You may be required to submit your statements, present witnesses and evidence, and you may be asked to appear in court. These are part of the process but rest assured that your Medical Negligence Claims lawyer will stand with you all the way.