Wood vs. Aluminium Pergolas Melbourne – Which Material Reigns Supreme?

There’s no denying the fact that pergolas provide your backyard with a sturdy and efficient shading system and support for climbing plants such as vines. Not only does it add a functional area to your landscape but an aesthetic factor as well. Among the various materials that you can use to build a pergola, wood and aluminium are two of the best ones that you can choose from. Choosing which option, you think, is best for you depends on your personal preference. But to give you some insight, here are some of the highlights of wood and aluminium pergolas Melbourne.

Cost Comparison

When we consider the total building cost, wood pergolas are generally less expensive while pergolas made of  aluminium tends to have a higher price range. If you’re looking to build the pergola yourself, wood usually costs less but are more challenging to put together. On the other hand, aluminium pergolas are available on ready-made kits. All you have to do is to follow the manual that comes along with it, and you’ll be able to build your pergola in no time. So when it comes to cost, it all depends on price and convenience.

Maintenance Needs

Maintenance-wise aluminium pergolas rank as number one. It rarely requires maintenance once it’s installed. Since it’s coated in stainless-steel solution, it’s nonporous and can stand the test of time. Aluminium pergolas Melbourne can also withstand even the harshest of weathers. You won’t need any repainting as this type of pergola doesn’t need paint to look good. Wooden pergolas are the complete opposite. While some variants such as pressure-treated wood can last for quite a while, it will still need all the maintenance it can get. Wood naturally weathers with age, and it can also be affected by constant exposure to various conditions. What it does provide is aesthetic value – not saying that aluminium pergolas also look attractive as well. So when it comes to maintenance convenience, aluminium pergolas take the bag.

Design Options

Most aluminium pergolas come in prefabricated kits. While you may be able to add some custom elements once you’ve managed to set it up, your ability to design and customise an aluminium pergola is limited. It does come in a variety of colours and shade. On the other hand, wood is more versatile because you can purchase and cut lumber to any size or design specification that you want. You can also paint your wood pergolas in any shade you want. So when it comes to the design department, wood has a slight advantage over aluminium.


Again, choosing which material for your pergola will all depend upon personal preference. We hope this comparison between wood and aluminium pergolas Melbourne will help you with your final decision.