Proper Use of the Makita 18v-Circular-Saw to Keep Your Family Safe

A person who uses a Makita 18v-circular-saw properly and safely must perform all of the functions of the saw. When a circular saw is misused, it can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. If you are not familiar with how a circular saw works, it is a good idea to consult a professional and learn everything you can about how to use it properly.

One of the most important things to remember is to never use the power cord for anything other than working on the tool. A professional always sets up the saw correctly so that it is safe to use. If a person does not do this, they could risk electrocution or a break in the equipment that could be fatal. If a cord is used for any other purpose, it should only be used for that purpose and never connected to the Makita 18v-circular-saw.

makita 18v-circular-sawMake sure that the saw is turned off when you do not need it. You should always unplug the saw and turn it off before putting it away. This will ensure that it is properly protected if someone should ever drop it, which could happen.

Never go near the saw when you are not working on it. If you are in the store, it is recommended that you leave the saw where it is to protect it from theft. It is also helpful to keep a bucket on hand to throw away any saw bits that break.

Round bits are always a better choice than square bits. The square bits tend to tear pieces of wood. A professional will always tell you to use the rounded bits because they make it easier to cut thin materials. By using this advice, you will be saving yourself money, and you will be making the job easier.

Wear the protective gear while working with the saw. It would be best if you got a guard that is rated for safety. This will ensure that you can work safely and the tools will not get damaged.

The head of the saw should be cleaned properly when working on it. Always use a lubricant on the part of the tool that is attached to the mechanism. This will make it easier to clean and make it less likely to slip and cause a severe injury. The head of the tool will not be as effective if there is a lot of grit in it.

A person who is using the Makita 18v-circular-saw properly should never think about leaving the unit unattended. If someone does decide to leave the saw, they should be sure to put it in a place where they can easily find it. Even if the place is an area where it can be easily seen, be sure to lock the enclosure and make sure it is safe from people who might try to steal it.