Get Branded Like a Boss! 3 Tips to Make Your Promotional T Shirts Stand Out

Have you ever seen that t-shirt that featured a gaping mouth and tongue? For the newer generation, it may seem off-putting, but the Rolling Stones were the ones to use that exact imagery as their logo during the 1970s, and those tees were a huge hit. In fact, it’s considered the most iconic t-shirt of all time. Not only is it iconic, but it’s also recognizable and worn by several fans all over the world even today.

Promotional T ShirtsNo matter how strange a logo t-shirt can be, it can have the opportunity to make a lasting impression on shirts when done correctly. So if you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your promotional t shirts, keep reading this article. We’re going to share with you three tips to make the most out of your promotional apparel. While it won’t make a significant impact just like the Rolling Stones tee, we can guarantee that it will stand out from the rest.

Know Your Target Audience

For your promotional tees to shine, you need to know your target audience. Take the Rolling Stones logo, for example. It worked because the act of sticking your tongue out represents a protest. It symbolizes the exact way the Rolling Stones are singing about. If you tried using this logo for a corporate company, you would’ve failed miserably. That’s why for logo t-shirts to work, you’ll need to get to know your target audience. Click here to see how you can do just that.

Packing is Parts of Branding

If you’re in the promotional t shirts business, keep in mind that everything you put out there is a part of your brand – that includes packaging. Many t-shirt producers use generic packaging when sending out their products, which is a shame since they’re losing out on a chance to stand out and be unique. Don’t go the same route as you do. As something extra on your packaging to make it stand out from the crowd. Click here to learn more.

Sleeves Equal Extra Marketing Space

Promotional tees are not just what you can put at the front and the back; you can also utilize the sleeves. It’s also a great way to place a print as well. Printing on sleeves works best for smaller and simpler designs. However, you can add your company name, logo, or even your email to make your t-shirt pop even more without you even doing too much. Get to know more about promotional t shirts when you click this link.