Making Silage the Easy Way – Use Silage Wrap

If you have driven around most parts of SA, am sure you have seen those white round bales on farms. Those are silage bales that farmers left on the farm. It is a modern way of making silage. You no longer have to dig silage pits when making grass silage. All you need is buy quality silage wrap,and you are good to go. All you need is harvest your grass at the right time, which before or immediately after flowering. Once you have the crops ready, you can then collect them and make round bales. Before you wrap, you can use the baling twine to keep the silage bales stack together. Once you have the round bales, you can then use the silage film to wrap them.

silage wrapOnce you wrap the bales with silage film, you will be keeping off the water, and oxygen which can result in silage spoilage. The silage film is also UV stable which keeps the bale content safe from UV damage. Also, the fact that the silage film is waterproof keeps rainwater and moisture away, and all these means that the bales are safe outdoors. As if all these features were not enough, the silage film is tearproof which makes it easy to handle during transportation. For as long as you have used quality silage film, you can rest assured that you will have high-quality silage at the time of feeding.

If you are looking forward to benefiting from the use of silage film, you need to be careful when buying this baling product because the quality of the film will affect the quality of the silage. If you purchase low-quality fill, you will end up losing all your feeds, and this means a considerable loss to the farmer. The best way to be sure that you are getting quality silage film is to buy from reputable baling products suppliers and dealers. There are plenty of dealers out there, and so you have to do proper research.

When buying silage wrap, you should start by checking the reputation of the dealer or supplier. If they have an excellent track record, then it is a clear indication that they supply quality baling products. Also, to be sure that you are cutting on cost, you need to look for a supplier that can deliver the baling products to your location. This way, you will save on both time and cost. Last but not least, the dealer you are buying from should offer you a warranty for the supplied baling products as well as guarantee you competitive prices. All it takes is good research to find a net wrap dealer that can be trusted.