Net Wrap – Advantages and Disadvantages

Net wrap is one of the easiest ways to protect your livestock and forage from the negative effects of forage binding materials. The wrap is made of woven polyester and is easy to install. You can use it for a variety of purposes. It is an excellent way to reduce the amount of wasted hay. During the fall and spring, you should remove the net wrap so that you can transfer the bales to another location. After applying the Net-Wrap net wrap, you can tie the bales together with string to make it easier to move them.

Net-Wrap net wrapAside from being easy to install, the net wrap saves labour and time. It is a good idea to cut the net wrap before placing the hay in the feeder. This way, you will avoid losing your livestock because of poor nutrition. The net wrap also reduces the amount of waste created in the field. If you use a plastic net wrap, you will reduce the amount of waste put into the environment. If you use a traditional method, you’ll have to remove it manually.

The net wrap has the potential to harm livestock. Livestock animals do not digest plastic twine or net wrap, accumulating in the rumen. It can compromise the digestive system and cause death. Ingesting the plastic or net wrap will depend on the amount and duration of exposure. In many cases, it’s best to avoid using net wrap altogether. The risk of death varies depending on the size of the animal and the length of time the livestock is exposed.

While it is cheaper than twine, the net wrap does have its downsides. During the winter, the wrap tends to freeze hard to the ground. It makes it difficult to remove the frozen wrap. While net wrap costs more, it also takes less time to bale than twine. Additionally, it reduces dry matter losses. So if you want to save money while still producing great-tasting products, consider using net wrap.

It is important to remove the net wrap when feeding livestock as soon as possible. The plastic twine and net wrap are incompatible with the digestive system of cattle. While it’s possible to separate the two materials, they can still cling to each other and may even get stuck on the bale. So while it’s not harmful, it can make it harder to feed the animals. But net wrap is more harmful to livestock. It can make them sick.

Cattle cannot digest Net-Wrap net wrap or plastic twine. These materials accumulate in the rumen and can cause problems with the digestive system. It’s important to know that you can eliminate the net wrap before feeding your cattle. It will prevent any tangles from forming. It’s also essential to regularly wash it to avoid contamination. The only way to avoid net wrap is to clean your feed every couple of weeks to keep it safe.