Is It Time to Replace the Car Battery?

The purpose of a battery on your vehicle is to start the engine. Modern car come with a single maintenance-free type of acid battery that’s built and designed to be rechargeable. It takes advantage of its charge to power up the vehicle as well as its electronics. Once the car starts, the alternator will do its job of generating electrical energy to recharge the battery.

If you want to learn more about how recharging happens on a car, click here for info.

Land Rover Service AdelaideRegardless of the brand or price of a car battery, it will eventually lose its ability to hold a charge, and that is the time you must replace it. A weak battery is useless because it no longer can start the vehicle. You usually experience this in freezing temperatures, but when the battery is too weak, the only option to turn over the engine is to use a jump starter or booster. But you do not have to wait for it to happen. Instead, you should go to your nearest Land Rover Service Adelaide to have the battery replaced before it completely dries up.

The average lifespan of a car battery is five years, although there are certain instances when it can last up to eight years. Many car owners do not realise that batteries last longer if they drive and use their vehicles daily. The reason is that it allows the battery to be fully charged all the time. Meanwhile, if you do not use your car for an extended period, say several weeks, or so, you expect the battery to die out sooner than later.

It is your job as the vehicle owner to learn of the signs that your battery capacity is getting low. As mentioned earlier, you may want to have your battery replaced at a Land Rover Service Adelaide before it completely fails, and you end up stuck in the middle of nowhere.

One of the first signs that your car battery is about to fail is when the engine turns on, but slower than usual. You also notice that the dashboard lights dim or flicker when you attempt to start the vehicle. Another indication of a battery that needs replacement is when you try to use the power windows after the engine is off, but they move slower compared to when the engine is running. It means the battery has little charge left in it.  Moreover, you may want to consider replacing your battery when the lights frequently dim during engine idling, and they appear bright again when you step on the gas.

Don’t worry if you are not confident about replacing the battery in your vehicle because you can always go to your trusted auto shop to have them do it for you.