What Millenials Look for in Home Designs

Trends in home designs are dictated mainly by the homebuyers or real estate investors. Many of these prospects are whom architects and real estate professionals cater to in the current market. Rightfully, the sellers of houses in the real estate market would have taken into consideration the preferences of this group of homebuyers. Those who are opting to build their dream homes are also demanding elements that the previous group may not have chosen for themselves.


Millennials, or people who were born between the 1980s and the early 2000s –children of baby boomers, represent the largest sector of the population, making them the target of this current market. In this article, you get to find out some of the choices that suit their taste when they work with outfits like home designs Adelaide.



Not forgetting that this is the mobile-tech generation, what are some of the things that savvy millennials like to see or have in their house design?


Easy or Low Maintenance


Busy lifestyles that surround work keep millennials away from maintaining a home. So, the house is designed with organisation and efficient uses of space get preferential treatment.


Dual or Multi-Purpose


Again, because of technology, the office can be extended to the home. Most of this generation is all into freelancing or doing gigs for extra money. They love to work, and thus, they are short on time for tidying up or organising. So, home designs Adelaide has been busy designing and constructing homes that include home offices and spaces throughout the house that can convert to convenient spots to conduct business and are conducive to welcoming guests, impromptu or otherwise.


Grand Kitchens


While the past generation was bent on acquiring spaciousness in terms of living space, millennials put a great emphasis on the kitchen. Just look at the selfies they love to take while preparing or enjoying something in their fabulous kitchen – no doubt, to boast about their love for cooking or to try a dish that was inspired by some post or recipe they found on the internet. The millennial’s kitchen includes the latest high-tech white goods and appliances, stone countertops, imported tile backsplash, cabinets galore fulfilled by expert joinery and excellent lighting.


Saving Money Without Compromising their Carbon Footprint


No, millennials are not thrifty; they make decent wages primarily if they work in the technology field. However, technology has paved the way to desire smart, environment-favouring choices like solar panels, plumbing that backs water conservancy, and appliances that feature low-emission and energy efficiency.


While some are building smaller homes that are closer to work or office, the majority still desires to build their dream home – a place they can call home where they can unwind and enjoy great weekend parties with friends and business associates. All these elements can be had by working with home designs Adelaide.