How to Care for Kids’ Rubber Shoes

Maintaining your child’s rubber shoes can be tough sometimes, especially if your child is indulged in a particular sport. Even if your kid is not into sports, the activities that kids do can still take a toll on their SpendLess Kids Shoes. In this article, you will learn sure but straightforward ways to extend the life of your kids’ shoes.


Several ways can prevent early damage on kids’ shoes even if they run around all the time or unexpectedly plunge in the mud.


  1. Keep Them Dry


Every type of shoe should never be left to soak in water. If it is the rainy season, make sure to keep your child’s shoes dry. While it cannot be prevented during rainy days, you can store the shoes in a well-ventilated area, so they gradually dry up. Shoes that frequently get soaked up are damaged easily than those that are kept dry as much as possible.



  1. Regular Washing


Make sure to follow instructions as noted on the shoe box. Some shoes are for dry cleaning only while others can go through the washing machine. No matter what washing procedure the manufacturer recommends, follow through regularly. SpendLess Kids Shoes that are washed regularly and adequately can last longer than you expect.


  1. Clean Regularly


Most shoe types can be cleaned using an old but clean toothbrush. However, others, such as suede and patent leather, will require expert care. Some online tips may or may not work to provide the results you’re expecting. If you have a bad feeling about trying internet tips for cleaning rubber shoes, it is best to seek assistance from a professional. This will prevent serious consequences that could be hard to swallow if you make the wrong move with your child’s favourite shoes.



  1. Air Dry


This is a very critical piece of advice that many people neglect. However, it is the safest way to drying rubber shoes. Even if it may take a lot of time before the shoes dry, it is still best to follow expert advice, and for them, it is better to air dry sneakers, canvas shoes, and other shoe types with fabric material. You will never go wrong with air drying instead of using a hairdryer or stuffing the shoes into a drying machine.


Kids shoes often get dirty more than adults shoes are. Be patient when you have to clean your kids’ more often. You will realise how vital cleaning is in extending the life of your child’s favourite pair. If you hear advice that you’re not sure of, ask your provider so you’d know what to do.