Tips for Staying Extra Warm During Winter

Winter is that time of the year when people are expected to enjoy family time. There’s a lot of activities to do while sipping hot cocoa with the family but can you truly enjoy the best of family time if there’s not enough warmth in the house? There are many ways to keep everyone warm and comfortable during the holidays, and one of them is getting a MANNIX ducted gas heating system installed.



How will you make sure everyone enjoys the winter weeks when temperatures drop?


  1. Install a Reliable Heating System

The first and most important advice to follow is installing a reliable heating system that will keep all rooms heated without pushing your electricity bill to the brink. You can ensure long-term savings and energy efficiency through a MANNIX ducted gas heating system.

Experts highly recommend ducted gas heating to every homeowner who wants to ensure that there are no cold spots in the home when winter comes. This system produces fewer greenhouse gasses, which means you are helping reduce the strain on our environment.


  1. Get Extra Blankets

Thick sheets and blankets are necessary for the winter season. Whether you are expecting guests or not during the holidays, it is still best to purchase extra blankets. Who knows? Loved ones or friends may drop by for a night or two.


  1. Keep Everyone Moving

Instead of getting stuck in bed for the entire day, it is best to encourage everyone to stay active. Prepare some home activities that everyone can take part in, such as cooking, baking, or board games. If you have a basement, you can also transform it into a “work” space for the kids. Prepare painting or colouring pages for them while the older members of the family stay nearby.


  1. Dress Right

Many people still neglect this part of the process of keeping warm. Experts suggest wearing scarves, hats, and layers of clothes. You don’t need to wear an ultra-thick jacket if you’re wearing two sweaters underneath. Make sure the kids have their socks on at all times.


  1. Cook Hot Food

Hot drinks and soups are the excellent dishes for winter. While your gas heating system does its work to keep the body warm, do your part in maintaining the tummies and hearts of everyone by preparing good, warm food.


The winter can be stressful sometimes, especially when temperatures drop and you don’t have a reliable ducted gas heating system at home. Always prepare the things you need for the cold months several weeks before winter to make sure you and your loved ones can enjoy the holidays under a warm and cozy home.