How to Choose the Right Swim Shorts

When you think of swimming, swim shorts usually aren’t the first things that pop into your head. Most people envision a bikini or speedos. However, the vast majority of people don’t wear swim shorts to the beach. Here are five reasons to buy ORTC swim shorts for every trip you take this summer.

When you go for a swim, one of the most important pieces of swimwear you’ll want to have is a swim trunk. However, even if you’re running errands at the beach, many contemporary pairs of swim shorts can also be worn as regular shorts, even when you’re running late on a hot sunny day. While there certainly are some great do-it-all ORTC swim shorts, there are plenty of designer swim shorts, ultra-chic swim trunks and high-performance boardshorts for the luxury beach vibe. These kinds of swim shorts all come in a variety of colours and designs, from mesh to shiny nylon with Lycra straps, so you’re sure to find the ones that match your current swimwear.

For a fun casual swimwear piece, try looking for a pair in a colour or pattern that reflects your personality, whether it’s fun, funky, elegant, sexy, adventurous, or just another water sport at heart. For example, a pair of faded pink swim shorts paired with a cute tank top and shorts is cute for women who aren’t afraid to express their individuality or who want to stay cool and fashionable. For men who want to show their muscle, a pair of black and white swimming trunks paired with a flashy tank top or graphic tee can put the guy in the spotlight! And for kids who love to express their creativity, a pair of designer ORTC swim shorts in bright colours or fun patterns is a great way to let the kids take over the house for a little while.

If you’re looking for something that will keep you warm in those winter months but still look stylish and feminine, consider buying a pair of vuori cut short-length skirts. This unique style of vuori swim shorts features a unique colour block print that sets its fashion tone. The colour block print consists of alternating bold red and white vertical stripes that run across the bottom half of the shorts and around the outside of the butt. However, as the name suggests, this style of ORTC swim shorts is not for everyone as the short length of the skirt means that it may not be suitable for those with shorter legs.

Polyester offers you many advantages when it comes to clothing, especially when it comes to swim shorts. A good example of a material that many people prefer to wear is polyester since it’s comfortable, durable and easy to care for. One of the most appealing features of polyester ORTC swim shorts is that they come in a variety of prints and colours. The main benefit of polyester, aside from being comfortable, is that they are made from synthetic fabric, so they are environmentally friendly.

Another great material that you may want to consider using for swim shorts is canvas, which is also known as happy satin. Canvas has a slight sheen to it and comes in various colours that coordinate with most swim shorts styles. One of the best characteristics of canvas cloth is that it’s easy to care for, so it’s a material you might want to consider using with nappa satin and polyester. If you are looking for a pair of shorts that will be comfortable and look nice, then you should consider purchasing a pair of ORTC swim shorts.