Buying Silage Wrap – What You Need to Know

Livestock farming is a lucrative venture as there is always a ready market for the produce. However, agriculture itself is never trouble-free as there are many challenges you will have to face as a livestock farmer. However, the primary problem or challenge which availability of animal feeds is no longer a problem with the introduction of silage wrap.

Silage wrap allows farmers to preserve as much fodder as they would wish for with no limitation. In fact, it is so far the most affordable way of storing your silage. Therefore, if you are battling the issue of animal feeds shortage, use silage wrap to keep silage, and the problem will be a thing of the past for you. However, how do you know which silage wrap product to buy yet there are many manufacturers and dealers?

All season guarantee

When buying silage wrap, you should consider buying from a dealer or manufacturer that offers you an all season guarantee. To understand this, silage wraps are the best since the wrapped silage bales can be left on the farm which makes it easy for the farmer to preserve as many bundles as possible. Therefore, since the feeds will be placed on the farm and not in a storage unit, you need a guarantee that the silage will be safe no matter the season of the year. If you get this kind of assurance, then you can go ahead and buy the silage wrap.

Can be used in all balers

When it comes to wrapping the silage bales with the net wrap, it is mechanically done using balers. Different bundles have different types of balers. Some are old model balers, and some farmers have the modern baler. Therefore, when buying the ideal silage wrap product, the manufacturer should guarantee you or specify which balers can use the silage wrap. It is better to purchase net wrap that can be used in any baler.

At least 12 months guarantee

When preserving animal feeds, you are storing them to be used for next few months, and so you need a guarantee that the product can keep the silage safe at least up to a year. Therefore, if the supplier or dealer can give you 12 months assurance, then you can consider buying from them.

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