Typical Garage Door Problems That You Can Fix – Roller Door Repairs in Adelaide

While it may seem like a daunting task, DIY roller door repairs in Adelaide is doable. However, it will depend on the type of problem that you’re dealing with. Some issues warrant the service of professional garage door repairers, while you can do some. In this article, we’re going to mention the latter. Here are a few common garage door problems that you’ll be able to fix on your own.


Noisy Garage Door

A noisy garage door causes different kinds of problems, especially for people who are sleeping above or right next to your garage. Fortunately, the majority of noisy garage door issues can be fixed with a combination of routine maintenance and replacing a few parts. If the maintenance tips found in our website don’t fix your noisy garage door, the only solution left is to replace your door hinges. Also, the rollers that run in the metal tracks can wear out after years of use. Once the bearing stops running smoothly, you’ll start hearing noise whenever you open or close your garage door.


Frozen Garage Door

It happens during the cold or winter months. It’s the time when you need and appreciate the convenience of closing and opening your garage door quickly. Unfortunately, moisture and cold conspire to make your life miserable. Your garage door can and will freeze to the floor. Sometimes it can be a minor freeze between the two that can easily be broken when you hit the open button. However, if your door refuses to budget on the first try, resist the urge to keep banging on the open button. If you do, it will likely cause even more problems with the garage door opener. It can include – but not limited to, broken springs, stripped gears, and a burned-out motor. Fortunately, there are easy methods to fix this and door roller door repairs in Adelaide on your own. You can use a heat gun or hair dryer to melt the ice and free the door. Click here for more information on how you can deal with this icy problem.


Broken Glass

Many yards are used for entertaining activities like playing yard cricket and other sports. It’s no surprise then that glass on your garage door can break from time to time. Regardless of the cause, you must repair your glass immediately. Broken glass can be both a security problem and a safety issue. It can also invite unwanted animals into your garage. Fortunately, you don’t have to call professional garage roller door repairs in Adelaide to replace broken glass.