What are the Types of Photocopiers?

The photocopier plays a crucial role in the modern-day office since it significantly reduces the work involved in reproducing multiple copies of documents.  This type of device can make copies of files, documents, images, and others quickly. Many people call it “xerox” because of the renowned brand back in the day, but it is rightfully a copy machine.


Most of the available machines today use xerography technology. It is a dry process that uses heat fusion which is standard for office copying. There are also some that use inkjet technology like printers but is usually present in lower-end models which are for home use.



A Look at the Types


1 – Analog


An old kind of copier which is prone to mechanical failure. Aside from that, more moving parts are needed to make a copy which is not a practical machine to manufacture especially with the availability of technology today. It consists of lights, mirrors and lenses that you must maneuver to reflect the image of a document. And since this machine is being phased out, parts and supports will be more difficult to find. Thus, it’s not recommendable especially if it’s second hand. You might be saving an amount of money now but think of the headaches that you will receive in the long run.


2 – Digital


It is no surprise that photocopiers also use advanced technology in creating high-quality photocopies Geelong. The digital version of the copy machine is a multi-function device that has the potential of producing not only copies but also fax, scan and print. It is a type of device which has greater paper capacity and tools. Also, it is effortless to use despite its advanced features.


3 – Mono


A machine that only utilises one toner colour which is black and known as monochrome. It is purposely for office use. It comes in different capacities from low-volume to high-volume in producing photocopies Geelong. Thus, any business size can benefit from this type.


4 – Colour


This type of copier can provide coloured copies. Plus, it can also print black and white. It considers a multi-function device. It consists of equal four drums and cartridges or toner reservoirs, and some models may have some more.


5 – Multifunctional


A kind of copier that able to perform a couple of functions aside from necessary copying. Also known as All in One Printers.


Its primary functions are copying, scanning, printing and faxing. Plus, the latest models feature internet access in which you can connect it to your office network to send documents. Available scanning features are depending on your machine. You either print from a laptop through USB or wireless connection or install customised document management software in some models.


6 – Desktop


A small, space-saving photocopier that can be in the desk area. It can be both a primary device or a multifunction one. It is designed for A4 papers and can’t accommodate A3 sizes since it would be too heavy and big to be on a desk. You can also configure it if you’re planning on adding paper tray modules to allow the machine to rise to an average height usage.