Fashion Tips for Wearing Espadrilles

Espadrilles belong in any ladies handbag collection. They are the “in” thing to have. They are comfortable, stylish and yet not too expensive. Women love to have several pairs of Espadrilles lying around the house for different occasions. It is one way of keeping up with the fashion trend without burning a hole in your pocket. There are plenty of tips in buying Espadrilles, and a little bit of research goes a long way.

Tip number one – Always know the material your Espadrilles is made from. There are two kinds – leather and fabric. The fabric is usually more comfortable and can easily match anything, while the leather ones are usually more durable and look more classic. There is also a third type of Espadrilles which is a mixture of leather and fabric. Be careful when choosing your Espadrilles, as combining the different materials can make your shoes quite uncomfortable.

Tip number two – The essential part of an Espadrilles is the heel area. The heel should be a comfortable size that won’t make you feel like you’re going to fall on your feet all the time. If your heel area is a little bit high, it means the material is a little bit thicker than usual. If you have a thick heel area, take note that the next time you buy Espadrilles, you might get a slightly lower price.

Tip number three – Jute is a popular material to be used for Espadrilles. The natural material of jute makes it a great material to be used for Espadrilles as its texture doesn’t give any impression of socks. However, you should be careful not to wear jute sneakers if you’re working on your feet at a pool. The fibres from jute can get tangled into your swimsuits and give you discomfort.

Tip number four – Different types of Espadrilles can also have contrasting colours. For instance, a pink Espadrilles can have a white underside, and it will look slinky and make you the focus of all eyes when you’re wearing your pink Espadrilles. However, please don’t mix this colour with a dark colour as it’ll make your outfit stand out too much.

You can get Espadrilles in three sizes: cup size, tall size guide. Most Espadrilles have three sizes, but if you need a larger one, you can ask the seller if they have one in stock. Be aware, however, that Espadrilles come in different heel heights. Therefore, you should purchase Espadrilles with the correct shoe size number as your heel height determines the perfect fit of your Espadrilles.

Tip number five – If you’re going to buy a pair of Espadrilles, pick up a heeled pump. It will provide support to the back of your heels and will keep your feet comfortable for a long time. Since it’s not hard to find a heeled pump, you won’t need to look too hard to find one. Besides, heel pumps are very comfortable to wear and come with a sturdy strap.

Espadrilles can be bought both in pairs or in loafers and Espadrilles slips. Slip-on is lighter than the pair of shoes and made of softer materials. Espadrilles with loafer tops are more popular than the usual Espadrilles slip-on. Loafers, on the other hand, offer the same comfort but without the hassle of sliding. Paired Espadrilles offer the best combination of comfort and style. Go for Espadrilles with a rounded toe or pointed toes to add elegance to your outfit.

And finally, don’t forget the ninth and final tip – if you want to wear Espadrilles to match your outfit, go for the colour that matches your outfit, and pick an outfit that matches the fabric and pattern of your espadrilles. For instance, if you wear a red outfit, pick a red pair of Espadrilles. Or go for the monochrome look by selecting neutral colours such as black, brown or grey Espadrilles.