Adelaide Plantation Shutters – Types and Styles Available

Adelaide Plantation ShuttersA plantation shutter is an elegant and strong window covering. It typically consists of either a straight or a curved frame of horizontal bars and vertical stiles. Also commonly referred to as sliders or curtains, these shutters are installed in homes to provide a privacy measure to the room while still allowing natural light into the house. There are several types of Adelaide plantation shutters available for purchase today. They come in a wide variety of designs and sizes.


The most popular types of plantation shutters that are sold today resemble the look and feel of plantation shutters used in homes in the antebellum southern United States. These styles are made from wood or other materials such as metal, plastic, fibreglass, and many other similar materials. The most popular design of plantation shutters today is the one that has a straight frame with two horizontal bars across the top and bottom of the frame.


Another popular design of Adelaide plantation shutters is one that has two horizontal bars in the middle of the frame instead of just the two upper bars that are seen on traditional shutters. This design allows more light into the room and provides better privacy than one that does not. If you are looking for a design that will enable more light into a room, you may want to consider a design with two horizontal bars in the centre of the frame or even the frame’s top.


Another popular type of plantation shutters is designed so that it can slide along a track that runs the length of the louvred panels. These tracks allow the louvred panels to open and close smoothly, which makes the louvred panels much easier to clean. You can also find some that will have the track run along the louvred panels’ bottom to make them easier to clean.


Another popular design of Adelaide plantation shutters is one that allows sunlight to enter through a large opening located in the top portion of the louvred panel. Still, the light is blocked at the bottom. This type of design makes it easier to allow light into a room when needed while still blocking light that might ruin the room’s decor. Several designs are constructed in such a way that allows light to be filtered through a small opening at the top of the louvred panel.


With so many different types of designs available, it is easy to locate and purchase a style that matches your decor and home. Before making a purchase, it is important to do your research to see your options and choose a style that best matches your home’s interior.