Pocket Sliding Doors Vs Top Hung Sliding Doors – Which One Should You Choose?

A sliding door is a kind of door that opens sideways just by sliding, most commonly in line with a concrete wall. Sliding doors are generally mounted either over a suspension track or suspended directly from a rail overhead. Some kinds even ‘disappear’ entirely into a concrete wall when the slide opens. There are many sliding doors Adelaide, including pocket doors, French doors, and accordion doors. These kinds of doors are prevalent in contemporary or modern homes. They have their advantages and disadvantages like any other door.

Sliding Doors AdelaideThe primary advantage of sliding doors over traditional doors is that they offer greater energy-efficiency. They may look the same as an ordinary or pocket door, but when closed, it can save you energy because it can help keep your house cooler during hot weather by reducing the amount of air-flow through the door’s tracks. It means that on a hot day, your air conditioning bill may decrease because more air will be able to travel through the average door tracks than through the sliding glass door. It also means that sliding doors can help reduce global warming because the doors absorb more heat loss from your house instead of being lost through the windows and doors.

On the flip side, sliding doors Adelaide require more maintenance than traditional ones. Even if you have regular cleaning, your sliding doors still can get dirty. Dirt and grime can affect the spring hinges and door seal’s operation, thereby affecting its overall performance and efficiency. If not cleaned regularly, it can also cause damage to the surfaces around the door frame due to moisture buildup. As a result, it will lead to accelerated rusting.

However, although top hung sliding doors have their share of pros and cons, there are still a lot of advantages you can get from them. One of these is their ease of use. Because they don’t have any top bars which would interfere with each other’s movement, opening and closing a door is made a lot easier. It is perfect for households with small children who find it hard to open wide doors independently.

On the other hand, sliding doors have their fair share of disadvantages too. One of these is their weight, which makes it difficult to install. If you live in an apartment or flat with uneven floors, you may find these doors very uncomfortable to stand on. The tracks can also get easily damaged if the bottom part of the doors gets caught by curbs, which may pose a threat to safety if left unguarded.

Even though both pocket sliding doors Adelaide and top hung sliding doors have their pros and cons, it is still up to you which one you would like to choose. After all, both of them have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The only thing that matters is how much space you want to allocate for your home. Once you are done weighing your options, it’s time for you to make a purchase.