Different Shoe Sizes for Men’s Shoes

Men’s shoes are now one of the major categories in the shoe industry, following the recent surge in women’s shoe sizes. Both men and women want elegant footwear to complement their stylish outfits. Since the market is flooded with several designer brands catering to both genders, the shoe section has become highly competitive. In such a scenario, it is essential to consider mens shoes sizing when shopping for shoes.

Men’s shoes, in general, tend to be larger and broader than women’s shoes. This general difference leads many women to assume incorrectly that they can buy women’s shoes and men’s shoes. However, there is no such thing as women’s shoe sizes and men’s shoe sizes. The reason why shoes are sized differently is because of the different foot shapes of men and women. In addition, several factors influence shoe sizes, such as the width of the feet, the body type, body fat percentage, and muscle tone.

Men’s shoe sizes range from XS through XXL. Men’s shoe sizes do not start from zero but begin from either the top (XS) or bottom (XD). For instance, if you have an average height and body weight, you will find it easy to find shoes within one or two sizes of your standard shoe size. However, for people whose shoe sizes range from tall and heavy-footed to short and thin, it becomes difficult to find shoe sizes in any shoe store. Fortunately, there are three standard shoe sizes, which are based on the average foot width.

Men’s shoe sizes begin from three to five, including the letter Z, which stands for a zone. The next number is the width of the shoe, in millimetres. Men’s sizing, mens shoes are available in three different widths: low, mid-top, and high. Shoe width is an essential factor when choosing shoes because the difference in width makes a big difference in the comfort and ease of walking.

For those not used to wearing shoes, the U.S. women’s athletic shoe size 8.5 is the typical foot size for men. The other two sizes are based on your height and weight. Between men’s shoe sizes, the U.S. women’s athletic shoe size is between one and two, inclusive of the letter Z. Between men’s shoe sizes, the U.S. women’s athletic shoe size is between three and seven, inclusive of the letter Z. Shoe size six is reserved for very tall people.

If you are still unsure what mens shoes sizes to buy, you can go to a store that sells athletic items. A good trainer will be able to help you in choosing the correct shoe size. You can also go online and look for online shoe stores, where you can find the details of various shoe sizes. Some websites specialize in selling athletic items such as shoes. These sites allow you to browse through their catalogue and choose from the different shoe sizes.