Different Types of Shoes Every Man Should Have

The shoes that a man wears not only say a lot about his personality but also on where he wants to go. In ensuring that you are ready and looking good for any occasion, you only need a few key styles. Take note that you don’t need to own a vast number of shoes. Instead, you need to see to it that you have these SpendLess Mens Shoes on your collection if you want to remain fashionable and stylish.

  1. Black Oxford

SpendLess Mens ShoesAt least one pair of smart black Oxfords is what every man should own. This style perfectly complements a dark tailored suit with its closed facings and elegant, refined profile. Its elongated toe, five eyelets lace-up front and three-part panelled construction of toe cap, is the distinct characteristic of a classic Oxford. Not only that but it finishes its look with a heel quarter and vamp sewn onto the shoe. So for weddings, formal occasions or next board meetings, the conservative yet assured silhouette of black oxford goes perfectly.

  1. Derbies

Derbies hold the reputation for being both a great formal and casual shoe, not to mention that it possesses a timeless style. The minimal construction stems from functionality with new derby shoes made for country walks goes like all the best designs. It adds a similar air of nonchalance to formal wear nowadays. Perhaps, rubber soles are my favourite style feature. In ensuring that you will look great while still avoiding slippery floors during wet weathers, it is a perfect choice.

  1. Brogue

Since its early days, the brogue already has come a long way. However, its punching detail still focuses on its identity and timeless design. With its fantastic history, the style has seen several variations. It includes the semi, quarter as well as longwing brogue. However, one that remains the staple is the pair of full tan brogues.

  1. Trainers

It is hard to ignore the popularity level of a pair of trainer shoes from SpendLess Mens Shoes nowadays. Not only that but also the hysteria that comes with the launching of new varieties are nothing incomparable. Since its sporty origins, the humble trainer’s already have come a long way and has finally become an epitome of style. In fact, it will never look out of place since you can wear a luxury minimal leather trainer with pretty much anything.

  1. Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boots are what everyone loves so much. It is hard to believe for Chelsea boot to go out of style, especially with its clean lines, slim profile and relaxed fit. In my own opinion, Chelsea boots evoke a modish cut of the 1960s. In fact, it works perfectly well with suits apart from slim denim jeans. It provides a look that seems faultless.