Attention-grabbing photographs will showcase your products and services.

I offer professional commercial photography to enhance your website, brochures, catalogs, and offices.

Images are a crucial component of marketing. I have the experience and expertise to produce the mood and tell the story you’re going for. Whether it’s portraits of your staff, action shots of people using your product, still images or animations of your product, or before/after photos, I will deliver on time and on budget. My images will elevate your marketing materials to a whole new level!

Location Specialist!

First, we meet at your facility to discuss what you do and how you’d like best to show it off. Then through a brief tour of your facilities, we’ll find the best available spot to set up a temporary photo studio. I’ve used warehouses (see top photo on the left), conference rooms, garages, even spare side-rooms!

The advantage of working this way is that you don’t waste valuable time transporting your products to/from a studio – or making trips back when we discover something doesn’t work, or was forgotten. In addition, since we’re working together on-site in your facility, you have confidence that your project is getting done in a timely manner, with no interruptions. My focus will be 100% on YOU.

During the setup and actual shoot, you may either watch, assist, or return to running your business. And since it’s being done on-site, you can give approvals as I work so I don’t have to waste your time and money taking a wide variety of pictures from varying angles hoping to get something you like.

Working this way has allowed me to be very productive, and accomplish more in 2-3 days than others may take 10-15+ days to do. That’s a SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS OF BOTH TIME & MONEY TO YOU!


Let's talk about your photography project, time frame, goals and budget and see how we can work together to get the word out about your business!

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Click here to see a portfolio of some of the photographs I’ve taken. Browse them and contact me so we can get started working together to tell your story.