Why Your Home Needs Asbestos Testing Adelaide

Was your home built during the 90s or earlier? If so, then you might want to to have it tested for asbestos. Asbestos testing is a manner of determining the levels of asbestos currently present in a home. Many homes built before the year 2000 contain this dangerous substance in their house. They are found in old floor tiles, roof shingles, ceiling tiles, siding, pipe cement, insulation, and joint compound. It’s a hazardous substance that can cause cancer when inhaled. That’s why you need asbestos testing Adelaide to determine the severity of asbestos in your home to give you time to call for asbestos removal services.

Why Asbestos Testing Is A Necessity

As said earlier, asbestos is a hazardous substance. It was formerly used as a component for cement back in the day as insulation. It was later on discovered to have adverse effects on the body once you inhale it when it turns into power and. That’s why it’s no longer an ingredient for making cement. However, several homes still contain asbestos. That’s why if your house is an old one, you need to get asbestos testing Adelaide to ensure your family’s health and safety.

Keep in mind that asbestos testing isn’t only for home. It’s for every type of establishment. So if you have a building that’s well over 30 years old, you should also get asbestos testing to determine the level of asbestos it contains. The same also goes to schools, government firms, and old offices.

How Asbestos Becomes A Hazard

Even though asbestos is a dangerous substance, it doesn’t cause any harm as long as it’s not disturbed. That also means if you have an asbestos concentration at home, as long as you don’t disturb it in any way, it won’t cause any harm. That also means if you suspect your home to have asbestos, you should not remove it on your own as it is a hazardous substance once damaged. It becomes even more of a hazard when it is airborne. Once asbestos in your home becomes damaged, asbestos fibres may be released. For instance, once asbestos insulation around furnaces, pipes, and boilers starts to deteriorate. It releases asbestos in dust form. Once inhaled, it can cause significant complications in your lungs, which can result in cancer.

Ensure that the asbestos in your home is under control. Contact asbestos testing Adelaide to make sure. We’ll provide the most comprehensive services to ensure the safety of your home.